Guiding Principles

We Believe in Putting Our Employees First!
Our people are the heart of this company. When the company puts its people first, the results are amazing! Exceptional service comes from the heart. We realize that our clients will be satisfied beyond their expectations only when our employees are truly happy.

Quality Counts!
AP Cleaning is a detailed oriented, reliable company that gives the personal touch to each client it serves. We believe that there is no room for mediocrity. If we are not better than our competition, we will only be chosen for a price differential… we will become just another cleaning company!

Commitment to the Growth of Employees, Our Company & Our Community!
We are committed to both company and personal growth. We believe that without the growth of our employees, we will become stagnant as a company. As the world around us evolves, we intend to evolve with it. As part of company growth, we also look for opportunities to give back to our community.

Our Core Values
We believe in cooperation and communication between employees, clients, and the owner of AP Cleaning Company.  Everyone is involved.