Full-Service Cleaning includes, but not limited to:

At AP Cleaning, we have flexible schedules and can make visits to your workplace monthly or even 7 days per week.

Cleaning of all types of floor surfaces, carpet, VCT, ceramic, wood. Daily maintenance to complete refinishing. We will evaluate what is working for your facility and what can be improved and offer suggestions and bids for these, such as “walk-off” entry carpet - to keep your entry tile/carpet looking good during the hard months of winter. Waterhog mats to assure safety in the wet months of winter and spring.

Dusting to your specifications: full service dusting of all desk space or limited dusting of only common areas. This allows you the choice, do you want your desk clean each time we clean or maybe each employee is responsible for their own desk space?

Full-service restroom cleaning includes: clean and sanitize all surfaces, toilets/urinals (back, front, inside, handle), counter-tops, mirrors, sinks, faucets (the chrome will shine if you hire us!), light switches, door knobs/handles, stall walls, vents, and of course floors, paying special attention to under and in front of toilets/urinals. We pay attention to where people put there hands: the high-use areas always get special attention. And of course trash removal and restocking of all supplies.

Kitchens/Break-rooms: clean and sanitize: counters, sinks, faucets, tables, regular cleaning of chairs. Daily cleaning of the floor surface. Additional services are available: washing dishes, cleaning inside and outside of all appliances.

Trash removal, and recycling of just about anything you have, boxes, cans, office paper, etc.

Stairwells, elevators, boardrooms, foyers, door jambs, tops of doors, baseboards, all receive the same attention as the rest of your building. Nothing goes unnoticed by our well-trained detailed-oriented staff. They see everything from marks on the walls to dust in the vents or tops of light fixtures. These added specifications get rotated throughout the month, each month.

We can provide an initial month of cleaning to get your facility looking professional again if it’s been neglected.

AP Cleaning Company is experienced in Residential Turnover cleaning needs, New Construction/Build-Out cleaning, Post Restoration Clean-up.

Ask, we’ve probably done it.

Our Pressure-washing services can remove hard water stains, oil stains and more from your driveways, parking lots and sidewalks to keep everything looking clean and professional.

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