What our employees have to say:

"Since working for AP Cleaning Company I have learned that no task is too big when you keep a level head and take it one step at a time. I also enjoy the flexible hours and the never ending support of the owner."


"Since working for AP Cleaning Company I have better time management. The flexible hours still allow me to prepare and eat dinner with my family every night. Also, it is very gratifying to hear the "kudos" from the clients and my supportive boss, Holly."


"Since working for AP Cleaning Company, I have become more confident in myself. This has led me to be a better leader."


"Working at AP Cleaning has shown me how important it is to put more effort into my work and has opened my eyes to detail. It's also taught me - no matter what you do, take pride in your work. AP is a company that still cares about its workers."


Commitment to Equal Opportunity:

AP Cleaning believes that all people are entitled to equal employment opportunity. We follow state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring and employment. We do not discriminate against employees or applicants in violation of those laws.

If you are an individual who likes immediate gratification, who likes order, efficiency and cleanliness, and takes pride in a job well-done, then join us. If you prefer not being micro-managed on the job, can work independently with good self-management skills, like to make decisions and can problem-solve in the moment, then join us. If you appreciate respect and loyalty from Management and co-workers and enjoy being part of a team that is supportive of its members, but is also able to listen to opposing viewpoints, then join us. If you want to be part of a company that puts its employees first, then give us call!

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