First and foremost, it’s not About Us, it’s About You – our loyal customers and employees. You make us different, better… unique. And you push us to achieve our goals:

  • Maintain a financially responsible and successful business enterprise that generates income. Let’s face it – we work to make money!

  • Be the best cleaning company in town
    • provide reliable and consistent cleaning
    • know and meet/exceed client needs
    • maintain excellent communication and relationships with clients
    • supply individual attention (the personal touch) to each client.

  • Create an empowering atmosphere for our employees 
    • hire and train a self-assured, self-reliant staff
    • treat employees with respect
    • provide a safe work environment
    • give individual attention to each employee
    • Utilize prioritization of tasks

  • Be conscious of our impact upon the environment by using “earth friendly” cleaning principles where applicable

We appreciate everything you do for us.